What is TCS Internship Program ?

Excellent environment to work on live projects with Trending Technologies

We provides an environment to work on live projects under the support of expert.

About the TRANSPIRE Corporate Solutions TRAINING PROGRAM


  • “TRANSPIRE Solutions TRAINING Program” provides an environment to work on live projects under the support of expert.
  • Hence, non experienced candidates can learn & grow each and every day which enables the candidate to practice the skills, gain knowledge, add experience, increase his/her expertise to get a giant leap in his/her career.
  • Experienced Professionals looking to update as well as demonstrate broad practical skills working on live IT projects, can learn & to get revealed in the job market with experience.
  • For selection purposes we will also conduct a test whoever clears the test will be entertained as an employee with us and/or our partner organizations.
  • We are an IT Organization providing Website Design & Development services.
  • You will not get any certificate but you will get EXPERIENCE LETTER from our organization after successful completion of the training.
  • Improved knowledge & practical application on specific tools trained.
  • Assistance for development/debugging will be provided by experts.
  • The candidates will be working on various companies live projects.
  • The candidates can add their live projects worked during the training to their CV to showcase their practical skills & knowledge.

Possible Career Paths:

  • Website Designer (Approx. 16,682 Jobs)
  • Web Application Developer (Approx. 17,733 Jobs)
  • PHP Programmer (Approx. 36,480 Jobs)
  • CMS - Manager / Administrator / Editor (Approx. 43,201 Jobs)
  • Technical / Documentation Writers (Approx. 10,273 Jobs)
  • Search Engine Optimizer (Approx. 4,115 Jobs)
  • Total Opportunities - Approximately 1,28,484 Jobs

* These statistics are gathered on 15th April 2015 from popular job site - www.naukri.com

TRAINING Program Details

Technologies Involved

Website Design & Developement

HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP, MySQL

CMS Development

Joomla, WordPress

Advance Website Development

CodeIgniter, Laravel, Mobile Website Design, AngularJS

Additional Modules

SEO, Magento, Git, Node.js, PSD

Program Details

Jr. Website Designer

  • Internship Duration: 3 Months
  • Training Duration: 72 Hours
  • Working Duration: 150 Hours
  • Projects Hours: 50 Hours
  • Fees Charges: Rs. 12,000/-

Web Designer & Developer

  • Internship Duration: 6 Months
  • Training Duration: 150 Hours
  • Working Duration: 300 Hours
  • Projects Hours: 100 Hours
  • Fees Charges: Rs. 18,000/-

Web Application Developer

  • Internship Duration: 12 Months
  • Training Duration: 300 Hours
  • Working Duration: 600 Hours
  • Projects Hours: 200 Hours
  • Fees Charges: Rs. 30,000/-

Project Team Leader

  • Internship Duration: 18 Months
  • Training Duration: 450 Hours
  • Working Duration: 900 Hours
  • Projects Hours: 600 Hours
  • Fees Charges: Rs. 40,000/-

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Special Feature : Candidates having Performance Rating > 9 will get Work Opportunity in Our Office at Nagpur !